Life Jackets

A personal floatation device commonly known as a life jacket or life preserver is a piece of equipment worn over the body like a jacket, which helps a person to float in water bodies like seas, lakes, rivers, and oceans. It is used especially when the person is in ship or boat or while taking any sort of water sports. While wearing this floating device, the air inside the jacket makes the wearer float above the water. Persons who are unaware of swimming are strictly recommended to wear those life jackets which protects from getting deep into the water.

There are different types of life jackets specially made for kids, adults, and for matured personalities. These jackets are recommended to wear while undergoing water activities like cruising, racing, fishing offshore, boating alone, or in stormy conditions. Quality life jacket provides more buoyancy and helps oneself to float in water for a longer time period even he is in the conscious or unconscious state. You are guided by the experts about the usage of life jacket after or before wearing it on to the body. A lighter is provided with the jacket and is activated once you have contact with the water. They save our lives from getting deep into the water and hence they are named as a life jacket.